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Getting to House of the Lorde

House of the Lorde is located in a repurposed warehouse called Mana Contemporary. 

Typing "House of the Lorde" into Google Maps will guide you to the space at 2233 S Throop St, Suite 502.

The entrance to the building and the parking lot is located at Allport and Cermak,  on the east side of the building.

There are 5 steps leading up to the doors of the complex. HOTL is located on the 5th floor and is accessible via an industrial elevator or stairs. There will be a front desk attendant who will buzz you into the building and bring you upstairs via the elevator. You might have to wait a few minutes to be let in if the elevator attendant is occupied operating the elevator. If you wait longer than 5 minutes call HOTL at 773.364.1881.

Contact prior to arrive for ramp access.

Traveling via CTA

You can travel to House of the Lorde via the below routes:

-Red Line or Green Line to Cermak. Then #21 Bus (towards North Riverside Mall) to Cermak & Throop. Walk .1 miles to House of the Lorde. 

-#60 (towards Cicero/24 Pl) to Loomis & Cermak. Walk .3 miles to House of the Lorde.

-#3/#4 Bus to Cermak & Michigan. #21 Bus to Cermak & Throop. Walk .1 miles to HOuse of the Lorde. 

Plan your trip to House of the Lorde using the CTA Trip Planner

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